Implementation of the Mooring Contractor Guidelines

Background to the changes: 

There has been a concerning number of mooring failures and incidents of boat contacts in the past few years, as well as evidence of significant variation in the configuration of moorings. In the interests of Licensees the Company has reviewed its Mooring Contractor Guidelines and specification. The changes are designed to reduce swinging circles, achieve a consistent configuration of moorings in the River and to promote best practice in their construction and maintenance. The main elements of the configuration changes above the block are a higher than usual weight of chain and reduced chain length to limit swinging circles in the densely packed river so that boat contacts and damage are reduced to an absolute minimum. 

Implementation by Mooring Contractors:

The ideal would be that the Minimum Specification is fully implemented for the 2010 season for all moorings. However we accept this is neither practical nor realistic.

For moorings with a history of adjacent boat contacts or ‘near misses’ it would be highly desirable for any changes to be made for next season. If the problems continue, then alternatives such as moving the block would need to be considered. The Company will agree a list of those moorings individually with each AMC and will write individually to those Licensees to ask for their co-operation. We hope that any materials being replaced which are not ready to be discarded would be re-used elsewhere and the appropriate adjustments to charges made.

For all other moorings for the 2010 sailing season:

• The scope of each mooring should be reduced to a maximum of 35ft plus depth at MLWS. This includes the ground chain. If special circumstances prevail the reduction may be staged over 3 years.

• Strops are to be of the correct length.  

• Mooring buoys are to be numbered.

• The practice of replacing small diameter non-tested shackles annually is to be introduced.

• Moorings with no history or record of inspection of the ground tackle are to be inspected.

AMCs will agree with their customers a phased programme whereby all moorings will meet or exceed the Company’s Guidelines by the summer of 2014, and this will be incorporated into the annual maintenance programme.

The Company will conduct a review at the end of the 2010 season to see if any changes are needed in the light of experience during the season. Any comments or feedback during or at the end of the season from AMCs would be welcomed.

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